Monday, February 26, 2018

Summer Sorority (Soundtrack to the Adult Film)

Summer Sorority (1983)

Directed By: Tom Pumphrey

Anyone who thought the girls of Sunnydale High were going to take a summer vacation were dead wrong because this foursome who just can't get enough are intentionally failing winter semester so they can stay over the summer and pound their high school teachers! Woohoo!

The girls' plot is soon foiled the first afternoon into the summer semester when they team up on Mr. Pitts in English class. The four girls are very conveniently the only students to have failed winter semester so it's game-on in the classroom as the girls work together in each and every scintillating scene throughout the film.

The girls are so hot-to-trot that merely a week into summer semester, they've so mercilessly pounded all their teachers that the principal, Mr. Riggs, has had to call in reinforcements in the form of substitutes. When they need to be replaced, Mr. Riggs resorts to all-female teachers. But even that fails to stop these horny girls!

Great film that should be mentioned in the same breath with many non-adult films of the early '80s and in this writer's opinion, roundly shafted by not even receiving a single adult film nomination for 1983. Also with a smoking soundtrack. 10 Stars out of 10!!!



  2. where have you been? nice to see you back drifter......

  3. Summer is on its way!!!! Great track to usher it in!!!!
    Thank you again Mysterious Mr. Drifter. Excellent stuff!!!


  4. Totally groovy! Thank you so much!