Friday, November 9, 2012

Eros Plus Melody Vol. 5 (SC 114)

The Sound Compendium Home Library introduces the newest installment of the series presently taking the web by storm. EPM 5 is the most unique among the five releases to date. Compositions and instrumentation atypical of the genre make up a hefty portion of this mix. The romantic overtones, of course, are necessarily retained.

Several songs on this collection are absolute soul destroyers. Check track 3's guitar and sitar-driven, Mara Jats Love, by Alberto Baldan Bembo for an absolutely dripping-with-desire jazz number with a strong blaxploitation feel. Track 4 by Pierre Rachelet and Jean Schulteis picks up and carries the groove into more urgent territory. While the steady flow into the jarring rhythms of Piero Umiliani's Egiogabalus, merging into Fidenco's Besides, bring something of the crescendo to this section. For this reason, for a single, continuous listening experience, the single track mix comes highly recommended. If you're not a huge fan of single tracks, set your player to an appropriate cross-fade and grab the multi-tracks option.

Enjoy Eros Plus Melody 5.