Wednesday, June 27, 2012


6 AM. Public transport. Speeding metal. Blurs of steel. Dodging traffic. The knowing rider needs the accompanying soundtrack. This is one groovy mix tape if I do say so myself. Check back in a week or so for volume two.

Bernard Estardy (shared in the post below), Francois de Roubaix, Alan Parker and Bernard Fevre are some of the names that appear on this mix. If you dig '70s Library, waste no time in grabbing this one. Next time you need to drag your tired morning ass across a city, strap your headphones to this beast and ride the groovy train.

I recognize that a single track can be a bit annoying for those who don't like it that way. Count me among those who find themselves supremely disappointed when a completed download reveals a much anticipated  album on a single track. Thus you can go one or both. The single track link with proper crossfades, etc, is above. A link to the album with separate tracks can be found here.