Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eros Plus Melody Vol. 32 (SC 141)

This mix has been variously lying around on my hard drive, popping up randomly in my car and on my mp3 earphones for the last couple months. I couldn't settle on a photo for the artwork, so it lay dormant to this miniature blog-world for a time. I was imagining something classically romantic for the cover, but had no luck finding anything that properly conveyed the music's image...until today. Woohoo!

Anyhow, this is the first Eros Plus Melody installment to have a sort-of concept. I say sort of because it's not strictly conceptual in that it tells a coherent story. Rather, it is built around an unknown-to-me soundtrack of which I believe to be of Greek origin (Any listeners who can confirm that it is Greek spoken in the opening track?) I have no idea where I got the soundtrack or how long I've had it. But once I discovered it, I listened to nothing else for weeks.

For EPM 32 I took several songs from that mystery soundtrack and built others evoking a similar vibe around them. EPM 32 alternately conjures romantic images of a Casablanca scene, two lovers at a bull fight, sipping drinks at an Italian lounge... the emotions of a deeply passionate love story.

Just the single track mix for now. If you want me to sort and tag the individual tracks, I'll be happy to do so...after the 20th Comment! (Yeah, I know, I originally said 10, but the comments have been rolling in, so it's twenty now! I want to build a community here, forge some ties with my masses...that dynamic will keep this site going strong more than anything.) Blackmail, yes, but that's precisely about 4% of the downloadership that each album on this series averages. As the Waterboy would say, "You can do it!"