Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sun Ra - Lanquidity (1978) / Heliocentric Worlds Vol. 1 (1965)

Currently sucked into Sun Ra's expansive space jazz universe. Two shares, a pair of mind-benders. It's astounding that Heliocentric Worlds was recorded in 1965. I don't usually buy the phrase 'ahead of its time', but that applies here in a way--at once of another time, the future notably--and timeless. There, you see, I'm even beginning to sound like Sun Ra.

The sample here should motivate you to get both of these masterpieces...


Apologies. The folder you're about to snatch says Vol. III. It is most certainly Vol. I. Please fix this after you grab... I'll fix when I get a minute.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pax Nicholas & the Nettey Family - Na Teef Know de Road of Teef (1973)

Here's some insanely grooving and pure-as-the-black-Nigerian-night Afrobeat. Nicholas Nettey was part of the Fela Kuti entourage throughout the 1970s. Apparently Fela was blown away by the record and hence had some issues with Nettey, ordering him to stay out of the studio, and the album was lost for 30-odd years until its recent release. Lovers of Fela and classic Afrobeat should waste no time in grabbing this.

Test run:

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