Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eros Plus Melody Vol. 8 (SC 117)

Imagine a château in Lacoste, a libertine evening at the Marquis de Sade's.

This uniquely erotic installment with a sinister twist kicks off with Charles Bernstein's dark, swamp tune, Erotica, before slipping into Armando Sciascia's evil, dancing electrons in Assonanza in Mi, giving way to Sandro Brugnolini's Roxy, which sounds like a prelude to this "romantic" evening at the Marquis'.

Alberto Baldan Bembo's Cantata in Re commences the pageantry as the "victims" are paraded before the hungry inquisotors. Lesiman's Via Nel Autunno tastefully leads the performers into the evening's festivities...

Imagine the wonderfully sadistic Eros Plus Melody 8...