Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Eros Plus Massacre 2

Happy Halloween!!!! Spooky, scary, sexy! A soundtrack for a non-existent film involving satanic rituals, superfluous robed characters, medieval castles, all-too-obvious symbolic images of crucifixes and pitchforks, plenty of bad acting and...hot women making out in bathtubs? Oh, yes indeed! Treat yourself to this Halloween special. Just listen to what the critics have to say!

"Greatest Halloween mix...ever!" -- Some guy.

 "Just ask me why I'm wearing this belt three sizes too small. I was listening to this mix and it scared my pants off!" -- Some other guy.

 "Just ask me why I'm walking around with my butt cheeks scrunched up. I was listening to this mix and it made me poop my pants!" -- Yet another guy.

"Worst 'movie' ever, if you can call it that. But saved by this amazing mix! It scared the living shit out of me!"  -- Totally made up guy. As real as this soundtrack to this actual movie.

Well, there you have it, folks. No reason not to download this outstanding mix.