Thursday, December 27, 2012

Eros Plus Melody Vol. 12 (SC 121)

Eros Plus Melody 12 consists of many of the first tracks I fell in love with in the Italian/Euro OSTs genre. If not the tracks themselves, it is the style of theses songs that drew me to this great music by some unstoppable force. Track 2, Franco Micalizzi's Sospetto (Titoli di Testa) very much represents the feeling I wish to describe.

For me, while maybe not the album that would surprise or top the list of the most memorable in the EPM series, nor with a particular number of rare songs, this is the album which perfectly represents the balance between Eros and Melody in the classical sense. Hope you feel the same.

p.s. Thanks a lot for the comments. I enjoy them immensely and they serve as great motivators to keep the series going!