Thursday, June 29, 2017

Eros + Melody 44

Imagine if you will, the silhouette of a feminine cat-like figure crawling sensuously along a dark windowsill in the glow of the neon midnight. Welcome to Eros + Melody 44...



    1. THANKS very much!! Please can you post the tracklist?

  2. You're back! Thank you :-)


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  4. The return of the High Plains Drifter!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  5. With deepest thanks! Excellent selections. Excellent programming. As you always do.

  6. Love it! Thank you so much!

    Are you planning to eventually start posting some more of your stuff from Art of the Mix over on this side of town?

    Lots of links down, I'm dying to hear Songs for Summoning Spirits!

    1. hey, kpm. Go ahead and post here the mixes which are down and I'll re-up them on their respective posts. Best, HPD.

    2. Hi HPD, thank you so much!

      I spend way too much time in the car, and your mixes get me through the days!

      I checked out all the links over on AotM, and these are the ones that are down:

      -Addis Discotheque Vols. 1 & 2
      -Bungalow Tiki Vol. 1
      -I Gave My Woman A Sugar Cane
      -Iran Before the Revolution Vols. 1 & 2
      -Isan Groove
      -Jet Set, Go! Vol. 2
      -Library / Cinetrax 1
      -Los Diablos Musica Vol. 2
      -Music for Beachcombers Vol. 2
      -Nigeria and Ghana 1970-79
      -No Waves, No Glory
      -Rumba 1950s and 60s
      -Songs For Summoning Spirits
      -Sound System Selector
      -The Dakar Sound
      -T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo
      -Underwater Music

    3. Hey, KPM, didn't realize it was so many! I'm behind the Great Firewall in China and uploading is hit and miss (sometimes takes hours to upload a file, or it doesn't happen at all). So you want to give a preference for the the uploads that you want to see first and I'll aim to get a few up ASAP.

    4. Hi HPD,

      I had no idea you were behind the Great Wall, that makes me appreciate the work you put into these posts all the more!

      Regarding the links, I so appreciate everything that you have given us already! Anything at all that you re-up is icing on an already wonderful cake!

      I see that you re-posted Songs for Summoning Spirits, but for some reason, I can't seem to get the comments to load. (Must be the folks in charge at work!)

      I'll keep trying to get the comments to load up the link, but in the meantime, the Prende La Vela links work great, and my ears can't wait to dig in!

      Thanks again!

  7. if your still posting please work on the older zippylinks these are good.

  8. Every zippyshare link is dead. Can someone share me old volumes with multitrack versions?