Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Cocktails at Five

This one will only be up for a few days. Sorry, had to use my Dropbox due to the size and can't keep it in there for long. Also, apologies, again, no individual tracks for this...just a straight up single track mix for the best Christmas mix ever.



  2. Would love a track listing, for historical purposes. Thanks!

  3. Mr. Drifter, again you have produced a Very High Quality mix. Encompassing virtually every musical genre into possibly one of the Finest Christmas Listening Experiences I have had.

    Thank you very much as always!!!!!!!!


  4. ¡¡¡¡Happy new year!!!!!

  5. Happy New Year. I wish you a wonderful year. It is good to hear from you again after a long time. That is a good sign :) I hope you'll also have time to come up with multi track files of last couple of your posts.
    Once again, I'd like to thank you for your efforts and nice music you're providing us. That is very nice of you. Have a wonderful new year.

  6. Thanks for posting, and keeping it up for longer than a few days. I was worried for a second that it might be down already. A lucky start to the new year.

  7. I've landed on your Lost Blues Records blog after searching for the
    Ron Everett - Glitter of the City Lp and have left a comment, thought I'd also ask here in case you don't get it.
    Would you perchance still have the Lp on file & if so, any chance of re-posting a link?
    Kind regards

  8. So many records.. so little time

    Thanks HPD

  9. I am a huge fan of your blog and love everything you do! Thank you so much!

    Any chance of a quick re-up on this one? I am a particular fan of Christmas music and somehow missed this!

    1. I'll re-post this one again but closer to Christmastime ;)

      Be on the lookout in December.

    2. Thanks HPD!

      I look forward to it!