Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eros Plus Melody Vol. 35 (SC 144)

Funky Rob says something like, "Sometimes I make it fast; sometimes I make it slow." Obscure Afrobeat reference there, but if you get that one, good on you. Anyway, yeah, somtimes I make 'em fast, sometimes slow...wasn't sure if the next EPM would be in a month or a year...but the beats are coming in fast, so I've got to get 'em out!

EPM 35 follows in the vein of Volume 34...a serious beatalicious beat and break-fest! There's bound to be a few obscure jams that will be fresh to the ears of even the most hardened Librarian.

Uni and Multi-Tracks R Up.



  2. Вкусные музыкальные подборки, хорошо слушаются. Хотелось - бы одиночные треки, просто так удобней. Как-то так. Spasibo! Daesh single!

  3. Thanks, HPD... as with EPM 34... looking forward to the individual tracks!

    1. I see the individual tracks for EPM 34 are now available. Thanks again!

  4. Ah, no sooner do have the indivtrax from 34 I'm chasin' 45!! It's a quality problem....

  5. Replies
    1. Link is still working as far as I can see.

  6. There is no life I know that compares to highplausdrifter's individual tracks.

  7. Amazing collection ! Will you post a multi-track link?

  8. Solid Groove throughout again......Perfect companion to 34!!! Solid listen back to back here. As always, if you want to just post the index I will gladly fire up my Audio Bridgeport Mill and get to cuttin'......but your amazingly generous offerings of the 'Multi-Track Mix' are GREATLY appreciated!!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks so much. I also would love the multi tracks.

  10. Awesome. Thank you. Multi tracks please? ;)

  11. Multi-Track:


  12. Thank you HPD for these two wonderful volumes 34 and 35 multi.


  13. Thanks Drifting High Plains - another beatastic tour de force. You have a golden ear. Love the multis (as we all do) but can we play a different game next time?

  14. holy christballs i just discovered your blog the other day and proceeded to download all of your mixes. thank you SOOO much for combining such fabulous unheard musics into such fabulous mixes!!! PM me so i can send you a thank you gift mr. drifter?

  15. Volume 24) its not interpret "Hoch" and titel "Uschi"; its Interpret "Uschi Brüning" and titel "Hoch"...

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    Vol. 35 (SC 144)

  17. Thank you HPD for these beautiful compilations and thank you to Anonymous for providing these mirror links. They seem to be for the multi-track versions. Any chance of mirrors for the single mixes? I'm 13 away from completing my collection. :)