Monday, October 21, 2013

Eros Plus Melody Vol. 31 (SC 140)

Not sure if I'm resurrecting EPM, so this could be a one-off; or it may be the first in an indefinite but very sporadic extension of more volumes... We shall see...

Anyway, I found a bunch of really great non-EPM tracks had shuffled their way into my rotation, so figured it would be a pity if not an outright sin to share them!

Those more familiar with EPM will recognize the opening track, "Something Happens", by Jack Arel. It actually appears on EPM 17. I'd always regretted that I didn't start a volume with that track because it's a crushing number. I gave myself a mulligan and the song receives the special designation as being the only one to appear twice in the Eros Plus Melody series.

EPM 31 starts out pretty mellow until a familiar track (or at least a riff that will be familiar to anyone alive today) comes in and busts the door down. It's pretty much funk, groove and beats from there on out (and a lot of funky flutes, athough that was not my intention--the subconscious was definitely at work, though).

One small teeny tiny detail that is likely to make many folks a twinge, a wee bit unhappy: I've only uploaded the single track mix. If there is significant interest shown in having the individual tracks, leave me a comment. If a nice number of requests come in, I'll hook you up.



  2. This is more high quality greatness that is the hallmark of the E+M series. If you don't wish to post the individuals perhaps you could post the track names / numbers and I can chuck the MP3 into my Audio Lathe and cut them up......I do like the individual track versions.....but just providing this is enough, I am a beggar not a chooser, so.........


  3. It's nice to 'see' you back on this sexy blog!

    I'm one of those persons who prefers individual tracks, but I'm not a techie type. Never heard of an audio lathe, but I'll check it out.

    Thanks for staying online and continuiing to upload fabulous tunes!

  4. Good to see you again!
    Thank you for this volume, what a surprise!
    I'm also one of those preferring single tracks, so I sign in for it.


  5. Love it, thanks as always!
    I'd like to hear the individual tracks too.

  6. Just discovered your blog a while back. Still sifting through the major block of music you kindly made available. Great mixes! I love the single tracks. I do however enjoy the ability to pull individual tracks for my own personal mixes. So if you have the time/energy I will enjoy/use the individual tracks. Either way....thanks for all the good mixes.


  7. Ahh man I am glad to get another mix !! PLEASE hit us off with the individual tracks !! I hope you continue the EPM catalog. This is soooo dope !! I appreciate you and the music and THANK YOU for sharing this.

  8. "Significant interest" shown. Here's the multi:

  9. Thank you for the individual tracks. This is so amazing. I'm speechless.

  10. So glad I saved the link to this page, just in case. Thank you so much for this, either as a single or individual tracks. This has been a superb comp collection.

  11. Merry Christmas to me!!