Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blast from the Past

On a nastalgiac musical journey tonight, dipping into these earlier SC comps.

I made these while living in Beijing and dealing with the most intense traffic commutes imaginable.  I needed a therapeudic soundtrack to ride with me.

Each album is meant to approximate the morning, afternoon and evening commutes, respectively. And they all GROOVE heavily.

This completes the reups...


  1. MT1http://www30.zippyshare.com/v/26192135/file.html

  2. Thank you Highplainsdrifter! I hope you will post another comp-series soon!? All the best to you ... Andy

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  4. Since I commute by bike these may still come in handy..... thanks!

  5. I only discovered this site yesterday, but I am ecstatic to find that I've been able to get the whole EPM set and now these. I am very sorry not to have been able to offer my thanks much earlier, because these really are excellent comps. I'm sorry to see that you're hanging it up, but I'll keep my bookmark to this site just in case. Deeptfelt gratitude to you for all the work that you put into these.

  6. great concept
    splendid execution
    thanx highplainsdrifter

  7. Whoa! Drifting,indeed :)
    Just felt compelled to say-Too Cool!
    Understated,dramatic,relaxing,tense,frenetic, orderly....and that's only mt2!