Friday, April 5, 2013

Eros Plus Melody Vol. 25 (SC 134)

More big ups to my friend, Easwind, who sent me this classic erotic photo. I hope I did it justice with the cover art. Also a few more tracks from Easywind's awesome collection (Blonksteiner, Bixio/Frizzi/Tempera, Continiello, Oddi, Rizzati make appearances here) I can't thank him enough!

Funk and groove return to the series with a vengeance on EPM 25. This volume has a bit of an edge from the get-go. Groove-worthy!


  1. Single Track Mix:

    Multi-Track Mix:

  2. Boy, I was right here waiting this week, highplainsdrifter!! Must really be ready for another Eros adventure!! Many thanx as always.

    1. This one will groove your soul...Kneiiiiiiiiiigh!!

  3. Well, well, well!!! It sure looks like you know what 'Kneigh' means, highplainsdrifter!!! Not many folks out here have caught on.

  4. Dear Brandon! Thank you very very much for your praise and your compliments! I feel very honored! Your Eros & Melody Series is one of "THE WEB HIGHLIGHTS" for me ... and I am very pleased, that I could help with some images & italian-soundtracks to make your compilations perfectly! A 1000thanks for this great compilation series!