Monday, August 6, 2012

Gustav Brom - Plays for You Pop Jazz and Swing (1976)

Considering my own Czech roots, I've always had a soft spot for anything Bohemian related. This is probably my favorite record from Communist-era Czechoslovakia. Gustav Brom was primarily a big band leader with the occasional penchant for groovier numbers, namely on several April Orchestra library releases. Sadly, to my knowledge I've only tasted two of the rumored 570 records Brom is rumored to have been on--this and his work on April Orchestra's Vol. 34 release. If anyone has anything else of Brom's, please link me up!

This is a fantastic album, with the coolly sideburned Brom suavely directing the orchestra, fantastically belying the sounds underneath. Check the sample and then go straight to the download in comments...and that's an order!



  2. I'm new here and I'm absolutely delighted that I found your blog today. I've listened to "Thank You for Flying Lufthansa(1-2)" and love these compilations you put together. Now I'm Listening to Gustav Brom: "Plays for You Pop Jazz and Swing" and's pretty friggin' AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks so much and consider yourself bookmarked.:)


  3. Oooo...I like that my comment was published right away that's highly unusually...awww...that's nice I feel trusted...ha!:) Thanks again.