Friday, July 13, 2012

Sound Compendium (SC 101)

In celebration of the blog's name change, but in keeping with the running Library and infectious beats theme, we present you with a fresh, home-sliced mix of Library recordings courtesy of the Sound Compendium Home Library. Not sure of the precise direction I'll be taking the Sound Compendium mixes long term, but you can expect a good 10-20 volumes of the current variety, updated about once a week.

I'm just starting to pick up on the basics of Photoshop. Hope you like the chunes and the artwork.

Here's a sample, an obscure Janko Nilovic tune which is unfortunate only in its rather scratchy recording quality. Alas, it's the only copy I can find.

Get the rest over at MF with the first ever installment, and sure to be collector's item. Link in comments and be sure to say hello while you're there.


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  2. Great!
    And of coorse yoo mean Janne Shaffer (A5)

  3. Hee hee. Doesn't that error make this a collector's item?

  4. Nice job!The new name and image go well in hand with the music you share.

  5. Link fixed:

  6. Nice Post!! Thanks!!