Friday, December 23, 2011

Nico Fidenco - Emanuelle Goes East (Black Emanuelle in Bangkok) (1976)


Nico Fidenco's Emanuelle Goes East was one of the seminal albums that set me on the Italian Groove odyssey. The film which stars Laura Gemser is the best and probably the most depraved of all the volumes of the Emanuelle series.

The soundtrack isn't as groove-driven as most of the stuff I've posted recently. On this effort Fidenco relies heavily on layered strings, horns, flutes, violins and an array of exotic instruments and aims for eclecticism in playing with the versions on the main theme. Tracks are variously named "Arabian Evasion Theme", "Thailand Sweet Sound" (though not sounding particularly Thai), "Belle's Orient Dance", "Sweet Bossa"...

"Sweet Variations" is probably my favorite track on this one. Rising and falling, lush strings are juxtaposed with the plucking of a banjo. Muted drums and electric guitars--an unusual mix... (takes a bit to load...)


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