Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Erotic Italia: The Insatiable Sounds of '70s Italian Cinema Vol. 2

More homespun Italian groove straight from the library of yours truly. Volume 2 is as groovy as the first. If you didn't grab that one, do so here. That's the incredibly hot Indonesian-blooded Laura Gemser on the cover looking her best (hope my blog doesn't get an X-Rating for showing some muff). Don't be shy about playing and replaying these awesome tunes; I haven't stopped listening to volume one since I posted it last month.

A pretty even selection of artists here. I had to find a way to get Nico Fidenco more involved in these mixes so there are three killer tracks of his including the opener, one of the coolest ever to start a mix (teased below in the sample). Listen to it and tell me that is not the way to kick off an awesome mix! Listeners of volume one may find the second volume a touch more mellow. Indeed, this blogger has located calmer spirits the last few weeks...

The teaser...

..and the whole shebang...




  1. I agree, please re post :) and thank you for your work.

    1. In fact this album is exactly the same as Eros Plus Melody Vol. 20. If you download that one, you have this one. I incorporated both of the Erotic Italia volumes into the Eros Plus Melody series for continuity of my mixes.

      The only thing you won't get is the crappy album artwork that did no justice to Ms. Gemser.

  2. Which 70s Italian films are these songs from?


  3. Wow, I just realized yours was among the first of my many, many downloads since I found Library Music in October of 2011.
    Trouble is, I never bothered to thank you back then (I was too busy Jonesing for more music).
    Thank you, Masked Man, for your compiling efforts back then and for continuing on to present day with your fine blog!