Sunday, October 9, 2011

Euro Lounge Groove

I DJ-ed my friend Oliver's wedding last week. Had a blast first spinning some cocktail and jazz, a bit of Pachabel's D Minor for the bridal march, followed by erotic rare groove revelry at the Well Bar after dinner. Tales of extreme drunkeness and unique behavior... Props to Olly for putting on an excellent time. Best. Wedding. Ever.

In the next month High Plains Drifter will feature some of my favorite sleazy European albums from the '70s. Much of it will derive from sexploitation flicks, Library music, downtempo, lounge groove... I never know what to call it, but generally think of it as The Right Side of Cheese. Before that I thought I'd start by getting peeps in the mood with a custom compilation of some of the tunes from Olly's wedding reception party, mostly erotic Italian cinematic stuff, heavy on funky bass and breakbeats from the early to mid '70s with one or two non-Euro tracks thrown in. Here be the fruits...

First a little sample:


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